People grow when they develop new practices and new language


Promises have a meaning if they are fulfilled. With this in mind, we tried a number of methods out, designed and tested our own, and then came up with a promise. For more than ten years as educators and coaches, we have researched the actual outcomes our method has been delivering.

Since coaching is a reciprocal relationship, as coaches we never forget that a coachee is a human being and that our questioning practice needs to be kind and “drilling” at the same time. The Socratic method is known to evoke thinking and awaken the possibility of change. Dialectic, when practiced by a trained and experienced coach challenges the client to take action instead of remain in the self-awareness phase.

So we can confidently now tell you that helping you create your own S.H.I.E.L.D.™ is a promise that we can keep.


" How come everyone calls for change but no one wants to do anything differently? "
– Leo Tolstoy