Defining the Change

At Coaching Evolution Int’l we co-design the plan that answers your question: what more can I achieve and how?

Your mission: possible

We use neuroscience, positive psychology and dialectics (the Socratic Method) to make any mission possible. We have taken the centuries-old practice of dialectics and have evolved it into our brain coaching philosophy and method for the key measurable outcome: your transformation.

The form of each intervention is simple: sessions lasting from 45’ to an hour depending on the outcome the client has reached at that particular session. The coaching conversation is rather a challenging question – response session, performed with skill, intuition, art, empathy, free from judgement on the part of the coach who has been trained in the art of maieutics and dialectics, also known as the Socratic Method.

Say Yes to Coaching

When you…

Say yes to challenge
Say yes to change
Say yes to performance skills
Say yes to creativity
Say yes to resilience
Say yes to self- awareness
Say yes to self-evaluation
Say yes to perspective

Then you…

…say yes to innovation
…say yes to progress
…say yes to authenticity
…say yes to sophistication
…say yes to success
…say yes to self - esteem
…say yes self-efficacy
…say yes to freedom

“ You deserve to be coached to create the life you deserve ”
– Pamela Caravas