Think Differently. Coach Differently.™ New career, new horizons!                  

New career, new horizons

Despite your background, a good coach coaches even without knowing it. Our Coaching Academy gives you the full package: the theoretical foundation, the organised practicum, the opportunity for research and the platform to network and start working as a professional coach as soon as you graduate.

Coaching is the evolutionary mix of neuroscience, positive psychology, sociology and applied philosophy.

We combine state of the art technology with high quality content and the opportunity to complete your face-to-face training in a paradise on earth with peers from all over the world.

  • Your learning experience is based on our Think Differently, Coach Differently concept.
  • Neuroscience is introduced in a challenging workshop before you start your journey as a coach student.
  • Success is guaranteed with our Learner Support Framework.
  • You learn at your own pace with our state-of- the-art platform.
  • You enjoy your holidays in Greece while practising your skills with peers from all over the world and improving through our mentor coaching programme.
  • We provide you with a Business Advantage Pack for four months for free.
  • Our graduates are eligible for the Find Your Coach campaign.
  • Quality Assurance processes set us apart and help us deliver top quality educational services.
There are two kinds of people in the world: the givers and the takers ... The givers always sleep better