About the Founder

Pamela is an executive coach and coach assessor specialising in instilling awareness and inner strength to those around her who seek it. Through her “drilling” and challenging coaching she facilitates change by creating an initial profile of her clients and then by helping them tune into their needs, talents and skills. Her coaching intervention challenges them to face the music, evolve in a targeted and effective manner, and develop the necessary daily thought patterns to design and implement their personal and professional decisions and turn them into successes. 

Pamela’s coaching assignments and contracts through her British-based company, Coaching Evolution Int'l Ltd, has added a breadth of experience to her work since she has travelled to culturally diverse locations such as Venice, Tunisia, Morocco (Casablanca), Algeria (Oran), Istanbul, and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

She was born in Australia, receiving the sights and smells of the land down under and completed secondary school in Greece where she received the sights and smell of the Mediterranean. She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Aston University, Birmingham. For many years she delivered empowering and purposeful teaching to young children and Business English tutoring to top company executives.

She has lived in Australia, London, Lebanon, the Netherlands and has been also enjoying the beauties of Greek nature throughout the years. She is a 10km runner, a table tennis finalist and a keen traveler.

Her profound interest in the effectiveness of coaching has turned her into a prolific designer of coaching programmes (the Coaching Evolution Academy diploma is conferred the EQA by the EMCC) and tailor-made coach training events, while positive outcomes during the assignments have led to the creation of the company's highly effective coaching method: Explore, Sculpt, Paint©.