International Coaching

International Coaching

Coaching that Defines the Change

Coaching that Defines the Change™

Organisations, public and private schools, senior surgeons and nurses, government officials, top performing athletes, pop artists, everyday people deserve a nudge in saying yes to all the benefits our brain coaching method offers through its various streams ranging from executive and corporate coaching to life, health & wellness coaching on how to develop a resilient and proactive mindset.

We have developed a fail proof coaching method to assess and measure successful evolution and outcomes – we keep our promise for success and are accountable to it.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Coach Yourself Strong Live. Breathe. Enjoy. Your Lifestyle Evolution™          &n

Coach Academy

Think Differently. Coach Differently.™ New career, new horizons!                  

Executive Coaching

Mission: Possible™ Top-talent coaches to coach top talent in organisations.      

Life Coaching

My Life. My Choice. My Game.™ Deal with troubled water and learn how to shine in life.              

You are in good hands

We have developed a fail proof coaching method to assess and measure successful evolution and outcomes – we keep our promise for success and are accountable to it.

"Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement." - Will Rogers
On 27/09/2012 we met and from the first sessions we had, I realized that in certain cases I was able to see people and conditions around me, but only behind a blurred glass. You were there, the one who helped me clear the glass, understand and accept how others see myself, no matter what I know about myself and skills. Understanding others is a basic step towards better communication, but understanding ourselves comes as a prerequisite to that.

This is the right time to express not only my warmest thanks, but also the fact that I really admire you. Don’t wonder why… You are one among the few people I met so far, who has the talent to build a feeling of trust out of nothing, in a relationship that did not exist the day before. Trust is a magic feeling which makes things easier, more effective processes, more optimal results to our efforts. Imagine the word without trust: no family bonds, no real friendships, no strong relationships, no corporate morality, no ethnic sense. Pamela you have the ability to build feelings of trust, and this acts as a canvas on which the coachee starts to paint with the colors he has in his palette: emotional intelligence, sensitivity, perception ability, life experiences, feelings of love and understanding for others, etc. Today I honestly feel richer because I had the luck to work with you on my personal development.

Thank you,
-Vivi Tsouknida, Former Country Division Lead H IM/CP at Siemens A.E. Healthcare
In the fall of 2013 Pamela Caravas walked in Orange Grove, and offered her help. Since then, she spent countless hours with OG's young entrepreneurs, first dragging them out of their comfort zone and then boosting their skills and self confidence. Her contribution to Orange Grove is invaluable.
-Jan Versteeg, Former Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Greece and the co-founder of Orange Grove.
Pamela Caravas has been a Senior Coach in support of our clients in Greece and Northern Africa since 2009. She is a valued member of our team and we hope you will enjoy the experience and professionalism that Pamela provides in all her endeavors.
-Neils Cerbone Associates

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